We offer our clients the option of using our pick up and return delivery service for a nominal fee of $45.00.

Why use our pick up and delivery service?  

At Carpet Binders we understand the following:

  • That people are time short in today’s society and jobs that require additional time out of their daily routine usually end up at the bottom of the to-do list.
  • That their car or method of transport isn’t necessarily suited to carrying large, bulky often odd-shaped pieces of carpet.
  • We acknowledge that the backing on the carpet can scratch the interior vinyl or finishes of the car, which is the last thing most people want to happen.
  • Travelling to our workshop location in Sockburn/Wigram may be a bridge too far, as a one-off special trip for many people, especially with the rising price of fuel especially if you are from North Canterbury.
  • That the hours we are open may not suit customers’ timelines.

Our pickup delivery service operates in this manner

  1. You contact us.
  2. Being Sockburn/Wigram based we are often in Christchurch City Central, and surrounding suburbs EVERY DAY OF THE WORKING WEEK. We also travel to the surrounding districts calling in at townships such as Rolleston, Lincoln, Prebbleton, Tai Tapu, in the Selwyn District and Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Pegasus in Waimakariri District and up to Amberley in the Hurunui District of North Canterbury once a week.
  3. Friday is our designated North Canterbury day for pick up and returns delivery. We also have a drop off and collection point in Kaiapoi.
  4. Wednesday is our Selwyn District and the surrounding area, pick up and return delivery day
  5. We do pick up and return delivery trips every business weekday during hours of normal business for  Christchurch City and suburbs.
  6. We can pick up from either your home or business.
  7. You don’t have to be there when we call as all instructions are given beforehand. If we are in doubt about any instructions we will call you for clarification.
  8. Complete the carpet edge finishing as per your instruction.
  9. Return the bound carpet mats once you have paid online to the specified location as per our agreement.
  10. Often the turnaround for this service is within three working days.
  11. We will contact you via email or text when the hemmed mats are to be going to be returned.
  12. We have both direct debits into our bank account or mobile EFTPOS to assist you in making payments.
  13. Using our pick up and return service is very useful when you have a large bulky piece of carpet or a small car.
  14. Our delivery team have had the required vaccinations for COVID, wears masks and carries the vaccine passport.
Our pick up and delivery team are on the road  five times a week to meet our customer’s requests

Customer Testimonials

  • I recently had some leftover wool carpet bound into mats. Extremely happy with the service, prompt pick up and fast turnaround. Great job and arrived back neatly rolled with mat sizes written on the back to make it easy for me to know where each mat went. Thank you your guys!                                                       Wendy R Near Rolleston 4.2022
  •  Richard did a great job measuring the hall one is a perfect fit and the others are great too. He carried them in and rolled them out. He also put the leftover carpet in the garage for me and put the money in his wallet. Lovely to see such customer service 🙂Norah Rangiora 5.2023

Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.