Motorhome Mat Edging

Professionally edged Motorhome or Caravan loose-lay fitted mats.

Add comfort underfoot and insulation for cooler nights in your home away from the city. With professionally hemmed tailormade fitted loose lay mats by Carpet Binders for your motorhome or caravan.

Carpet Binders make updating your flooring decor easy. We work with clients passing through Christchurch who have several days to explore our region.

Contact us today to book an appointment at 021 164 0938.

How to get your customised motorhome or caravan mats

We make sure that adding tailored mats for your motorhome is an easy process while you are travelling around New Zealand or residing in Christchurch.

The team can complete the edging assignment within 48 hours once we have the carpet in our workroom.

If you are not sure where to purchase a carpet, we can source the carpet for you. We know what carpet works best when dealing with weird corners and strange angles. And because of our long history in the industry, we can recommended a tape-binding finish that works best to hold the carpet together for a long time.

How does this work?

We make the flooring template for you saving you the hassle. It takes around 90 minutes for our skilled team to do this.

Our workroom has a wide space of parking for motorhomes or caravans to park whilst we start our work.  Also, there is plenty of room to manoeuvre the largest caravans.

Our process is:

  • We create a template based on your floor layout
  • Order the carpet.
  • Cut the carpet based on the template and add the carpet edging around the mat.

Once finished, we will contact you to come and collect, and we will complete a final fitting. This is all done with minimum hassle and inconvenience to you.

Our system allows us to work with people around New Zealand, and we are prepared for their arrival in Christchurch.

We source quality carpet in either, wool or synthetic fibre,  and use an imported tape binding. Our master carpet binder has over 35 years of edging carpets experience and is highly respected for its workmanship. And so, you can be sure you are getting the best working with us.

What our customers say about our service

“What a find these people know their mat making for motorhomes. Right from the start Carpetbinders we able to help with my new mats as we were passing through Christchurch, they sourced the carpet made the template, edged the carpet and I was on my way, all within 48 hours. Richard is very skilled at edging and has such a friendly team working with him.”

Dave from Dunedin

“Many thanks for the help you gave me in procuring the new carpet for our caravan, and your extremely prompt and great workmanship in cutting and binding the edges of the new carpet.

It was a pleasure to meet and discuss our job with such pleasant staff and a surprise at the end with very good value for money.

Many thanks for all your help,

Best wishes,”

Jim Chapman – Christchurch

“We use the Carpetbinders because they never fail to deliver the best quality workmanship even when given our most challenging patterns or tightest timelines.”

Tony McWhirter – Jayco Canterbury

Today we received our carpets from Carpet binders. We selected wool carpet from their range and then had them edge them. All done within a couple of days and the end result is fantastic. The old carpets didn’t look too bad on top but the back was breaking down and would leave bucket loads of “sand” at the edges. However once the new carpet went down we realised how little insulation and comfort the old ones were providing underfoot. Whilst renewing the carpets was not cheap the service and end product are beyond reproach. We would highly recommend CarpetBinders if this is something you are considering getting done in your Motorhome. We are in Christchurch

John Coolings – Christchurch