Our Proactive Sustainability Activity 

Sustainability Efforts

Carpet Binders, a company in the carpet binding industry, is committed to sustainability and implementing best practices. The company has taken several initiatives to reduce waste and promote recycling to minimize its ecological footprint. They recycle and upcycle carpet scraps to reduce landfill deposits and sort out recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Additionally, they encourage creativity by setting aside plastic cones for preschools and early childhood education providers.

Carpet Binders takes pride in converting small wool carpet scraps into native seedling moisture holders and weed protector mats through upcycling efforts. They sell these items to the Kaiapoi East Residents Association and Pocket Forest Regeneration Initiative in the former Kaiapoi East Red Zone while supporting local organizations and giving back to the community.

Staff members participation

The staff members at Carpet Binders actively participate in native planting days, working to increase pathways for native birds to fly from the Alps to the Coast of the South Island. This initiative provides food and resting spaces for native birds and other wildlife such as geckos and skink, which are not found anywhere else in the world. By promoting a healthy and thriving ecosystem, Carpet Binders is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability beyond its own operations.

Furthermore, Carpet Binders supports initiatives that promote the advancement and inclusion of deaf people in the wider community, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility.

In conclusion, Carpet Binders demonstrates its commitment to promoting environmentally friendly practices, reducing waste, and giving back to the community through its sustainability initiatives. The company’s upcycling efforts and participation in native planting days highlight its dedication to preserving New Zealand’s unique ecosystem. Additionally, their support of initiatives promoting the inclusion of deaf people in society demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility.

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