Understanding the pros and cons of Cotton Tape Binding as a selected carpet edging finish.

We use a 100% cotton tape binding sourced from one of the world’s leading suppliers. The range we have chosen is at an executive level and is one of the thickest, highest-end-wide border carpet binding tape lines in the world.

 The Pros and Cons of using a cotton tape edging as a border for your area rug 

The Pros

  • Fair to good strength
  • Very little elasticity
  • Less resilient and prone to wrinkling
  • Comfortable and soft feel
  • Good absorbency

The Cons

  • Damaged by insects, mildew, rot and moths
  • Weakened by extended sunlight exposure

To remedy the above cons, Carpetbinders advises that:

  • Good housekeeping practices, ie vacuuming and inspecting the edges regularly.
  • The rugs should not be in direct sunlight as the edging is impacted by fading. New Zealand has the world highest UV rating in the world the binding will fade.

Price indication having an area rug edged in this finish.

An indicative price guideline for a 3m x 3m area rug, where you supply the carpet with a folded ends finish. You could expect to pay from $  650.00 GST inclusive onwards depending on the weight of the carpet rug being hemmed. Please feel free to call us to get an indication of the cost of tailoring an area rug to your size.

Our colour range currently in stock.

With these coloured tapes available in store, our turnaround time is five working days for the completion of your tailor-made area rug once the carpet has arrived in store.

Please note that may be a colour variation between the actual tape colour and your monitor.

We recommend you come into our workroom to make your selection and discuss with in person your requirements.

Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Mushroom  

This colour is the deepest of the fawn-biscuit colour range we carry in stock for the neutral-coloured or brown-coloured carpet and would look great on the rimu and oat timber look floors.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Oatmeal 

This is the lightest colour we have in the colour fawn-biscuit colour palate best suited to natural or neutral-coloured carpets.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Caramel

Caramal sits in the middle of our fawn-biscuit colour palate. The warmth of this colour is well suited to those with a neutral or beige-coloured carpet that they are wishing to be edged.


Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour Black 

This is a popular choice for customers who want to define the area, be it a conservation or lounge area. Also  customers wanting to  add a pop or statement in the room



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Indigo

This binding is popular for clients wishing to add a sense of drama to their room or highlight the blue colour palate.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Wolf 

This is a light silver grey colour and our palest of grey hues available. This edging finish, especially the chunky loop pile carpet, looks exceptional in a two-tone grey effect as it highlights the lighter colour in the carpet square.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Storm 

This mid-grey colour is heading to the silver-grey end of the grey spectrum. Suited to the carpets that have a two-tone grey effect, especially the chunky loop pile carpets.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Battleship 

This colour is still in the grey spectrum, however, is more purple/steel grey. The darkness of this tape-binding carpet allows an area rug to be defined and a focal point in the room.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Graphite  

This colour is still in the darkest grey we have in stock, and it is definitely in the purple/a grey area of the colour spectrum. The darkness of this tape when bound to a carpet in the appropriate colour palate, is stunning.



Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Beach

Do you ever miss the lull of the ocean and the comforting sounds of distant shrills and chatter from nearby fish and chips shops, crowded both with people and swooping seagulls? Including the mist of sand surfing through mountains of itself towards the horizon. Well, we can bring that part in with this cotton tape binding that has colours of sand on a sunny, dry day.

Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Black

It’s not always everyone’s piece of cake when picking a black tape binding. But, it can work really well for a bold and vibrant patterned rug. As well as similar grey and cold colours that can make it pop and focused. Think of it as adding a picture frame to your room to make more good memories. 

Carpetbinders overlocking sample

Colour: Nickle

Grey works well as a neutral element in your room, making it complement well with different colours and decorations.


The Neutral Fawn- Biscuit Collection


The Grey and Twilight Collection

Carpetbinders overlocking sample
Carpetbinders overlocking sample

OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE ……. We Are Solution Focused

Most companies don’t offer opinions, recommendations, or advice on finishing edges.  It could be that they want to finish the rug the easiest way possible or just make the sale and will tell the client anything.

At Carpet Binders we take the time to inform and discuss with our customers on the best option for their rug. We understand the purpose and need for the rug so the rug is fit for purpose.  Our team pride ourselves on our professional service offering and our specialist knowledge with over four decades in the carpet binding and edging industry.

Please check out our frequently asked questions page if you have any questions or ring us to discuss your needs

Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.