Calculating Carpet Edging

How is carpet edging calculated?

Calculating carpet edging can be tricky but this page is a good start in working out the total carpet binding cost. Let’s start with using the Carpet Overlocking Edging Finish option as an example.

The current price for the woollen overlocking finish for a carpet is $10.00 per lineal meter. Which is $10.00 per metre around the outside of the rug.

You can calculate this yourself by measuring your carpet piece’s length and width. Then, add the 2 measurements together, and multiply the answer by 2. This shows the total length and width of the rug.

Or, another way to get the total length of your carpet is by measuring all 4 sides and adding them together.

Once you have either measurement from length and width, multiply by 10, and that will be the total cost.

Remember that this will be worked out in metres.

Example #1

I want a mat in front of the ranch slider, the carpet mat size will be .80 x 2.4 m.

so, .8 + 2.4= 3.2 m.

so, 3.2 x 2=6.4 m.

so, 6.4x $10.00=$64.00.

Now that the price has been worked out, your mat will be cut to your measurements with rounded corners. Including picking a yarn colour that is closely resembling the carpet, the mat will be edged with your chosen carpet edge finish.

Example #2

I want a mat for my back door with a size of 60 x 90 cm which is 3 m all around. Following the same calculations from above, we get the price cost of $30.00 to the edge.

Our carpet edging finishes have different price points so be sure to contact us first and come visit us onsite to discuss this in detail. You can see our available carpet edging finishes here.

Carpet Edging Finishes

We strive to ensure that we have a steady supply of yarn that matches the trending carpet colours and is within the same colour palette for incoming rugs.

This requires us to either pay a premium for the yarn. By specifically dying the yarn, this cost is reflected in our pricing.

Additional Charges 

Other charges that you may incur and that would need to be added to the pricing are:

  • A carpet joining fee if two pieces of carpet need to be joined.
  • A handling fee if the rug is over 1.7m x 2.4 m in size.
  • Multiple mats are required from one large piece of carpet, and no draft plan of how to cut out the mats has been supplied.

You will always be advised of these charges when discussing your carpet edging needs.

Payment Methods

We accept all major banks’ EFTPOS debit and credit cards, making payment easy and safe for all parties involved.

We offer:

  • Contactless payment on our EFTPOS machine.
  • Mobile EFTPOS for people using our pick-up and return delivery service.
  • Online banking with our invoice system.

All mats that have been edged by us must be paid for in full before leaving our workroom.


Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.