Carpet Pieces Available To Make Your Own Scatter Mats

Don’t have your own carpet pieces or scraps to make your own practical scatter mats?

Carpetbinders can help.

We have our own selection of small carpet pieces that can be edged to make multiple matching mats that are ideal for all those entrance and exit points or workstations in the home or office

As an example consider these high traffic areas

  • Front entrance door
  • Back door
  • Dog / Cat door
  • Ranch slider
  • Internal access from the garage
  • In front of the hearth of a log burner.
  • Under office chairs
  • In front of the kitchen or laundry sink.
  • Hallways
  •  And so the list goes on

Using our carpet pieces you can have the multiple scatter mats made to your measurements so they are fit for purpose and matching.

You can choose from either wool or synthetic fibre.

Choose from our suite of edging finishes to personalise your mats.

Depending on our work flows we may be able to offer a while you wait for service or a 60-minute turnaround.

All edging is completed on-site for efficiency of service.

You are required to buy the whole carpet piece and this service is best suited to people seeking multiple mats or a medium-size mat. Not simple small mat purchases.

Please note that we do not sell rolls of carpet or large carpet short ends. Only carpet pieces for making small practical work mats


Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.