Often rugs and runners will slither across the floor and or bunch and pucker with foot traffic. This can create a potential trip hazard while looking unsightly and requiring constant straightening. Carpetbinders Ltd stocks two types of products that are highly effective in stopping rugs or mats from creeping or sliding across floors, whilst providing additional cushioning underfoot. We currently have two Anti Slip Rug Products available in store.

Giltgrip Rug Grip Pad

This Anti Slip Rug works best on the carpet. But it can be used on hard floors as well. It is important that the “Rug Grip Pad” is not used on any new carpet until sufficient time has passed to allow loose fibres in the carpet to shed and be removed by vacuuming.

The white side will grip the pile of carpet floor covering. Place the underlay white side down facing the carpet; then place the rug on top of the grey side.

Beware, that this product has a limited life span and the adhesive properties weaken with frequent lifting. It is recommended to avoid frequent removal and re-installation of the rug grip.


Stop Slip For Rugs

  • This Anti Slip Rug works best on hard floors, such as tiles, wooden, concrete, laminate and vinyl. It is not recommended for carpets.
  • Easy to lay and no issues with repeated uplifting
  • A PVC webbed pad with no adhesive is needed.
  • This product has an unlimited life expectancy.

We sell both of these products in a range of pre-packed standard sizes, which are available to be purchased online. 

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