Enhance your stair runner with the Perfect edging.

With the increased high-density housing in New Zealand and the use of elevation to assist in this, stairs are becoming commonplace in our new homes. It is important to choose the right carpet binding for stair runners. We have many stair runner edging options to choose from.

When choosing the right edging for your bespoke rug or stair runner, it’s important to consider design, practicality, and cost. Professional carpet binding edge is essential if you prefer a simple and budget-friendly option. Or, want to add texture and colour with a different material border. Understanding the other options available prevent fraying, sprouting, and trip hazards are essential.

Understanding the Perfect Carpet Binding for Stair Runner

Overlocking or whipping: A popular and cost-effective method, whipping protects and strengthens the edges of a carpet. With a colour-coordinated band of yarn or wool stitched along the edges, whipping provides a reliable finish. Although it may draw attention to the rug’s or runner’s edge, it is quick, reliable, and suits various budgets. There is a downside to this finish as it may spout tufts through the overlocking, especially on the bull nose of each step.

Narrow or Slimline tape finish: this edging is our most popular. As it is a discreet edging that gives a seamless finish, and the runner appears to be floating on the stairway. It also has longevity in its wear and tear.

7.5cm Synthetic Tape Finish: this is another popular finish for narrow stairways. It defines the stair runner but doesn’t dominate the confined space, as the 3.5 cm band of tape is proportionate to the stair runner and stairwell.

12.5cm Cotton border: a cotton border adds sophistication and depth to rugs. You can also incorporate a touch of colour, allowing you to match your decor effortlessly. This edging is best suited for wider stairs in older homes.

Stair Runner Carpet Binding Cost

For the edging of stair runners, we take each binding assignment case by case. It will have the variables of a number of internal and external angles, the degree of the angles, and the number of landing landings. Including the time taken to edge the rug by our team of skilled craftsmen.

Customise Your Edging for a Personal touch.

Choose the perfect carpet edging to elevate the style and durability of your stair runner today. Call us to discuss your requirements, as no two staircases are ever the same, as each person’s requirements and expectations differ. Click here.

Example of the 7.5 cm synthetic tape edged in stair runner.

Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.