A bright and tidy environment promotes a healthy learning space. That’s why we work with our local schools across the Canterbury region, providing the ability for schools to have made-to-size mats and rugs to suit any classroom or play area.

Given we are operating in a global pandemic and all trying to create a new normal. Carpet Binders has developed a new range of mats suitable for school children to sit on during class to assist in alleviating the anxiety caused by social distancing and to teach children the visual measurement requirement of being socially distant.

For school environments, we only use 100% New Zealand carpets for our school mats


Benefits of Using Woollen Area Rugs in Any Classroom

Woollen Carpets. We use them in our homes, and they certainly have many benefits in the classroom. Not only do woollen carpets add a little colour and style to the classroom space, but they can improve acoustics, air quality, and much more. Here are seven interesting insights that make woollen carpet area rugs a great addition to any classroom space.

Seven Ways Woollen Carpets Benefit Your Classroom Space

Woollen Carpets may stand ahead of the pack when making a classroom space cosy and comfortable. However, any carpet can offer benefits but it is limited.

Investing in finished woollen area carpet rugs for your classroom can benefit your students as much as the look and feel of your classroom.



Many noises in the school environment can interrupt what’s going on in your classroom and distract your students. Hard surfaces like the standard tile floors in many classrooms can reverberate sounds and make a classroom feel loud and echoey.

Woollen area carpet rugs and carpeted surfaces (especially those that offer some cushion) can help to reduce sounds and ground-level vibrations—allowing students to focus more on learning and less on what’s happening at the next table or in the hallway.


Indoor Air Quality

Choosing between carpeting and hard flooring also impacts the air quality of your school and your classroom. Allergens from plants and animals are brought into the school daily and float around the air throughout the day with hard floors. Hard floors require frequent sweeping and mopping, and the activity can spread the allergens even further around the room.

Woollen carpet area rugs and carpeting, on the other hand, trap allergens and dust. A vacuum with the correct filter will allow you to take the allergens and dust out of the carpet and improve the air quality in the classroom overall.



Nobody likes sitting on a hard floor. Carpeting and woollen carpet area rugs can offer the option of flexible seating and meeting areas for things like reading. Some classroom carpets are even designed to provide students with designated places to sit.

Woollen carpeted spaces in the classroom also offer more comfort to teachers who are constantly on their feet and can help to keep heat in the classroom during the colder months of the year.


Injury Prevention

Hard floors tend to become slippery when wet. Carpets and rugs offer those walking on them much more traction and can prevent the number of slips and falls. However, it’s also essential to ensure that any carpets are flat and not curling up at the edges. This can actually increase a learner’s or educator’s chance of slipping and falling.


Children want to feel warmth and comfort.

A woollen carpet feels warmer in two ways. It provides actual thermal resistance or R-value. In an independent study, carpet, compared to other flooring materials, created a truly warmer building.3 but beyond the R-value advantage, people perceive that carpet is warmer and more comfortable. Woollen area carpet rugs produce a comfortable place for teachers and young students to expand their learning space onto the floor.


Woollen Area Carpet Rugs are sustainable on many levels 
  • Heat and Moisture Regulation
  • Green Wool-Environmental Benefits of Wool
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Flammability
  • Anti-static
  • Control of Indoor Air Pollution
  • Walking Comfort and Safety


 Initial Investment Over Long Term Cost 

The initial cost of installing a hard surface may be less expensive than carpet. But over the product’s life cycle, a woollen area carpet rug worked out to be more cost-effective.

A study found that hard floors require 2 ½ times more cleaning than a hard surface, and hard surface cleaning supplies are seven times more expensive than supplies for cleaning woollen area carpets.

Using the Right Cleaning Products is critical – Carpets are more stain-resistant than ever, making them easier to clean and maintain. However, keeping the life and beauty of woollen carpet or area rugs depends on several factors.

  • The quality of products and equipment used to clean carpets;
  • the frequency and methods by which carpets are cleaned;
  • and the skill and knowledge of the people doing the cleaning.

Servicing the Whole South Island of New Zealand 

We service the South Island with our woollen carpet area rugs for school.

If your school wants to find out more about having a large woollen area rug for your classroom, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.