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Published Articles For A 3-Minute Read

Carpet Binders has published articles and advertorials in local print media, such as Christchurch’s own Metropol.

We consider Metropol Magazine as the premier lifestyle magazine that celebrates Christchurch and its surrounding districts. As the greater Christchurch region grows, the Metropol magazine readership reach, variety, and quality of products and services showcased will expand expediently. Even in the digital world, reading a hard-copy magazine with your favourite coffee as you escape screen time is time to be treasured in our busy, chaotic world. 

Our articles discuss current home and office scatter mat and area rug trends. They are to raise awareness of the services provided by Carpetbinders and its subsidiary e-commerce store Rugs For All. 


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Define an Area

This published article discusses how to define an area home or office

Link to the article: Define an area

Warm Up With Wool Rugs

In this article, we celebrate the virtues of wool as a preferred rug choice.

Link to the article: Warm up with wool rugs

Winter has arrived Carpet Binders

In this article, winter has arrived, and we share the importance of having woollen mats and area rugs underfoot.

Link to the article: Winter has arrived Carpet binders


Styling Tips for 2023

Styling tips for 2023 in all things related to mats and rugs are discussed in this article

Link to the article: Styling tips for 2023


Specialist Edging

In this article, we talk about our unique binding service for people with motorhomes.

Link to the article: Specialist Edging for Motorhomes


Rug Confidence

In this recently published article in Metropol, we talk about our carpet binding service expertise to revamp your worn-out rugs and mats.  Especially with winter rolling in with mean-looking clouds, it’s best to place warm, wool rugs on hard floors. Have a quick read of the article discussing in detail Carpet Binder’s efficient service.

Link to the article: Rug Confidence Article


Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.