Trade: Medium Weight Carpet Handling Fees

Below is the guide for the Medium Weight Handling Fee

Our medium weight handling fee structure takes into account that two or more members of our team will be handling the carpet piece before, during the edging process and post-edging.

Also, a medium-weight carpet can be a low pile cut pile or loop pile.

If you have any questions about the handling fee, please contact us to ascertain the correct pricing for your binding assignment. Click here.

What is Carpet Binding?

Carpet binding is a process of finishing the edges of a carpet or rug to prevent fraying and create a clean, polished look. This is done by attaching a strip of material. Typically cotton or synthetic binding tape to the edges of the carpet using a binding machine or by hand sewing.

This can be done in a variety of colours and materials to complement the carpet’s design and colour scheme. This process is commonly used for area rugs, runners, and remnants that are cut to fit specific areas.

Carpet Binders are an affordable and practical solution for protecting the edges of a carpet or rug, extending its lifespan, and enhancing its appearance.

Where does carpet binding apply to?

Carpet binding can be applied to a wide range of settings, including both residential and commercial spaces. In residential settings, carpet binding is commonly used to finish the edges of area rugs, runners, and stair treads. This helps to protect the edges from fraying and create a more polished look.

In commercial settings, carpet binding is used in a variety of applications. Including hotels, restaurants, offices, and schools. For example, in a hotel lobby, a custom area rug with bound edges can create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. In a restaurant or office, bound carpet tiles can provide a more finished and professional appearance.

Carpet binding can also be used in public areas like libraries, museums, and community centres. Here, bound area rugs and runners can help to define different spaces and provide a more comfortable and inviting environment.


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