Please refer to our guideline checklist to ensure that we are able to meet both you and your customer’s requirements in a timely, precise and professional manner.

Criteria for accepting customers carpet edging from commercial entities representing their client. 

The carpet pieces will be picked up from your shop premises as per arrangement under the following guidelines listed.

The points listed are to ensure that all parties involved in the hemming process (you the store, your client and us) have a clear understanding of how we operate with our carpet finishing service. This guideline checklist that will potentially remove any errors on our part or confusion in the expectation of providing the carpet edging service.

 Guideline Checklist

  1. All carpet edging jobs must have an appropriate order number that relates to the carpet to be edged – if there is no order number there will be no pick up unless previously arranged.
  2. We take photocopies of all your purchase orders and attach to our jobs sheets as a true and accurate record of what has been requested by you on behalf of your client.
  3. We will call you if we have any queries about the works order for clarity purposes.
  4. From time to time we will take photos of our work if we are uneasy about the instructions given and check with you.
  5. The number of mats required to be made must be indicated 
  6. We offer two types of finishing  
    • Narrow tape binding is referred to as either narrow tape binding or binding 
    • Woollen overlocking is referred to as either overlocking or whipping 
  7. Please state the actual sizes of the mats required, not the total meterage as that is open to interpretation e.g.  3m x 2m or 1m x 4 m both are 10m of binding. 
  8. We can handle large size pieces of carpet up to 4.0 x 7.0 metres. Handling fees are on a graduated scale starting at 2.0 x 3.0 metres. 
  9. From time to time we are requested to handle pieces large than 4.0 metres x 7.0m. Yes we do handle these sizes. You will need to call us on 021 164 0938 to discuss your requirements and our handling fee
  10. Thick designer carpet is best suited to a narrow tape binding finish. We now have a slightly wider 3.2mm narrow tape which wraps better on the thicker mats
  11. We recommend that your client gets all their mats made the same time to insure that they have matching binding on all their mats.

If this is not possible the suggested process is 

  • You get them to return a mat made by us at time of hemming to accompany the proposed new mat. This mat will be used as our test colour match mat. We will endeavour to match to the same colour where possible, however we do have a high turnover in finishing tape and woollen yarn and cannot 100% guarantee we can match the binding after a period of time.
  • If this is not suitable then they can bring the hemmed mat to us and we can sort out a suitable colour match or as close as possible onsite in our workroom located at Unit 14/ 37 Washbournes Rd Sockburn Christchurch.  
  1. If you have any queries on the work we have completed please refer to Our Job Number to assist us in the ease of sorting out your query as quickly as possible.

Any questions please call us  021-164-0938 or email

Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.