Edging Used Carpet

Do you overlock old/used carpet?

Generally, the answer is no 99% of the time.

As used carpet can contain health and safety issues 

Such as a

  • Remnants or deposits of unhealthily matter such as cat urine, or residue from the distilling of Methamphetamine
  • Or carpet tacks and other harmful particles that can seriously damage our equipment 

Edging the 1%

We will only accept 

  • Vintage or retro New Zealand Axeminster in clean and excellent condition. 
  • Or a quality woollen carpet uplift that has had minimal use and does not show wear and tear and has been laid less than two years.

Case by Case requests

Each used carpet overlocking assignment is reviewed case by case. 

We will decline to edge if the carpet’s cleanliness does not meet our threshold (our look and sniff test). The carpet has noticeable wear and tear or staining on the back of the carpet. Or breaches our used carpet health and safety policy.

Clean Carpets Before Coming To Us.

We request that carpets are cleaned before bringing them to us for carpet edging consideration, preferably by a commercial carpet cleaner.

Pricing Surcharge

surcharge of 30% is added to the price of edging, as used carpet can seriously damage our machinery, and it takes longer to process the carpet in the edging process.


Please do not be offended if we decline to handle your used carpet edging request as our staff’s health and safety is paramount, and so is the operational output of our machinery.



Use our convenient pick-up and return delivery service or drop your carpet scraps off at our workshop located at Unit 14, No 37 Washbournes Rd, Sockburn  Christchurch.